About Kurt

KurtI’m a former marine engineer/Alaska fisherman who is now an IT grunt, frustrated musician, artist and family man.  I enjoy food and cocktails and find that creating my own liqueurs and spirits rewards the palate and a part of my creative desires.  I’ll document my adventures to share pitfalls, successes and tips for any others who might want to join the expedition.


5 thoughts on “About Kurt

  1. Hi Marco,

    You can find some information on making amaro online, but you do have to dig a little. There are some links in my posts that go to other websites of people who provide a fair amount of information on amaro (Dan Carlson is one). Try a web search for “Deconstructing Amaro”.

  2. Hello Kurt, maybe you can help me. Do you know if Amaro Averna contains yeast? I am allergic to it and cannot find anything about the process of making amari except from your blog :). Any help will be much appreciated!

    • Hi Stefania,

      Unfortunately, I am not an expert in the production of commercial amari, or Averna for that matter. I can say that I would doubt that Averna contains any yeast as most amari are produced from distilled spirits like grappa, brandy or neutral grain spirits.

      Are you able to drink other liqueurs? If so, my guess is that Averna would be just as safe as those.

      I’m sorry I can’t give you a more definitive answer.


      • Thank you Kurt! I think you confirmed what I thought…I guess I’ll try and see what happens 🙂

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